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EarthLinked geothermal systems will save you thousands of dollars on your home or office heating and cooling bills.

Stop letting Propane drain your bank account!

If you heat with propane, you know you're spending a LARGE amount of money to stay warm. You can significantly lower your heating bill with an EarthLinked geothermal heat pump. This table gives you an idea of the savings you could experience when you change your existing propane furnace to a clean, reliable, safe EarthLinked geothermal heat pump

           * Based on $0.07 per kWh of electricity, and $2.00 per gallon LP.

When you add the cost of operation to a home's mortgage, what type of heating and cooling system will cost more? Below is shown that the extra mortgage cost with a geothermal system is paid for by the savings of its cost of operation. This makes the total out of pocket expense the lowest with the geothermal, not the conventional gas system.



What is the difference between price and cost?

First of all, let's define the two. PRICE = the selling amount, or the amount the seller gets paid. COST = out of pocket expense, or the amount the buyer pays. Let's apply these definitions to the decision on whether or not to buy a geothermal heat pump for your home.

If you're building a new home, chances are that you are financing it. Most new homes start out with a 30 year mortgage. For this discussion, we'll assume the price of the home is $250,000. With an interest rate of 6%, the PRICE then establishes a COST to the buyer of $1,499 per month in the form of a monthly mortgage payment.

Add to the monthly cost, the average monthly heating and cooling cost. For a standard 80% natural gas furnace with a 13 SEER air conditioner (using rates from Questar gas and Rocky Mountain Power), the monthly average heating and cooling cost is $226*. So, with the mortgage and operation cost, the total average monthly cost (actual out of pocket expense) is $1,725.

If we add $12,000 to the price of the mortgage to cover the additional cost of installing an EarthLinked geothermal heat pump, the price changes to $262,000, and the mortgage payment becomes $1,571. The average monthly heating and cooling cost of the EarthLinked system is $60*. The total average monthly cost (actual out of pocket expense) is $1,631.

Which house costs less? $1,725 vs. $1,631 is not hard to see that the EarthLinked house costs less, and pays for itself from day one.

So, in comparison, the PRICE of the geothermal home is higher, but the COST is lower -- lower by $93 per month. That's $1,116 per year! What could you do with an extra $1,116 per year?

One way to point out this difference, too, is that if you stick with the conventional gas system, you'll have to pay $1,116 per year more than you would if you had just chosen the EarthLinked geothermal heat pump system.

*Costs are averaged over the life of the loan.


Don't forget the benefits of the tax credits!