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Pink's DX Technologies, LLC

Pink's has been involved with geothermal heat pumps since early 1995.  We are strong proponents of geothermal heat pump technology.

From 1995 to 2001, Pink's installed water-based geothermal heat pumps. A water-based geothermal heat pump has a ground loop consisting of HDPE (plastic) water pipe. A water/anti-freeze mixture is circulated through these pipes to transfer heat between the earth and a refrigerant heat exchanger.

Water-based geothermal systems work well, but have some issues that EarthLinked geothermal heat pumps don't have. Some of those issues are:

-More difficult loop design

-Typically require twice as much loop

-Loop maintenance

-Maintenance and Operating Cost of loop pumps

-Generally requires much more room for the ground loop installation

In mid 2001, we learned about the EarthLinked geothermal heat pump and found that they are much more simple than water-based systems.

Some of the simplicity is the loop design itself--there is none! With EarthLinked's Direct Axxess ground loop, the loop engineering has already been done. Unlike a water-based geothermal system, an EarthLinked system doesn't need to know the type of soil in order to design the loop--things such as:

  • Rock (and rock type)
  • Wet/Dry/Damp
  • Sand
  • Silt
  • Clay
  • Gravel
  • Cobbles
  • Mix of all of the above

Instead, the EarthLinked loop design is pre-engineered. The 2 things we need to know are:

  1. Vertical or Horizontal
  2. Earth Temperature

The earth temperature is easily determined using available maps. It's relatively easy to decide whether to do vertical or horizontal, too.

So, when we learned about the simplicity of the EarthLinked design, we changed from installing water-based geothermal systems to installing the EarthLinked geothermal system. We have been very happy with the performance of the EarthLinked geothermal heating and cooling system.