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The Installation Process

Installation of the EarthLinked system begins with an accurate load calculation. This is done by measuring the home, and collecting the following data:

-Type and quality of Insulation

-Window quality, type, and sizes

-Door quality, type and sizes

-Location of the home

-Direction the home faces


The above data is entered into a computer program that uses the latest version of ACCA's Manual J load calculation. With an accurate load calculation of the home, we can determine the proper size of heat pump to install.

Next, we'll look at the available land area, and choose the proper ground loop. Options are vertical or horizontal. Typically, a vertical ground loop installation is one hole, 100' deep, per ton of heat pump.

For horizontal installations, it takes roughly 500 sq. ft. per ton of heat pump. The soil needs to be rock-free -- even pebble free. Otherwise, sand/rock-free soil will need to be used to protect the piping in the ground.

Once we've determined the size and loop type, we can begin the installation. A typical 3,500-4,000 sq. ft. home will need a 4 ton heat pump. If the loop is to be vertical, we schedule a driller to come in and install the ground loop. It will take a 7' square area outside the home. The drilling is usually a 2 day process.

While the driller installs the ground loop, the work inside the home can be done, ready and waiting for the ground loop to be finished. When properly coordinated, we can change out the existing furnace with the new EarthLinked system on the same day. It's really a smooth process.